Loop values not usable in api call body

I'm trying to use retool to automate the sending of mandril emails following a snowflake query.

I've been able to connect a single api request successfully with a JSON object as a mock datasource. Running through a loop, however, I can't call an object's values in by api body (i can successfully call {{value}} in the url parameters strangely .

Can anyone help, thanks?

A number of us are having a similar issue. The Retool team is aware but having difficulties trying to reproduce the problem on their end to make a fix.

@Tess - here's another one!


Hi Gavin! I shared this in the bug report. Still unsure of the root cause, but we'll keep digging and keep you updated :slight_smile:

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Tess suggested I try to recreate the loop lambda and it fixed a similar issue I was having.

For example, in your loop, pick something else (like where mine is selected to retool workflow) and then reselect it to the thing you actually want. It seems to fix whatever issue was causing it not to be able to read the {{value}}.

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