Value in the lambda part of the Loop block is undefined

Hey there!

I am trying to run some query in the Loop based on array of phone numbers I receive from startTrigger, and everything looks okay and console.log(value) successfully works inside of the for loop in code block part in Loop

But when I access the same value inside of the query that will be running in the loop – it says that it is undefined.

You can see from the screenshots that Logs tab shows the value being printed just okay, but Data part gives an error that phone_number is not defined, because value.phone_number is null

Hey @Top_Admin!

This is a bug on our end and the dev team is looking to push a fix for it in this week's release. If you can't wait until then you might try using a regular query for now - can you let me know if that works?

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Hey, thanks for suggesting this workaround, it worked!

I just used the regular resource query, without importing one from query library.

Quick update here - this should be fixed as of 2.117.1 :slightly_smiling_face: