Using Set an Output method on Module from query in parent Module


this is the Success event handler for a Retool Storage Query. What exactly does Set an output do? There's no where to enter a value, so what is it setting (since you can't select an output) and what is it setting it to?

btw, the query is in the parent app and aInsureChatBot1 is the module.

Hey @bobthebear, thanks for flagging this! This seems like a bug in our UI as there should definitely be another field here to select which output you want to set and what you want to set it to. I've gone ahead and filed a bug on this and I'll keep you updated with any changes made.

I don't see any options either.

Hi @bobthebear, thanks for your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:
We currently have a bug report for this. On the meantime, we have a workaround by running a script instead, we can achieve the functionality we are looking for using: ​module.setOutput('output', newValue)

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