Using Secret Environment Variables on Hosted Version?

Is there a secure way to pass secrets (passwords, api keys, etc.) into the non-self-hosted version of Retool?

Similar to what is described in this section in the docs but not for on-premise instance:

Hey @Steven_Wang! Welcome to the Retool community :slight_smile:

What is your use case here?

If you're just trying to connect to an API with Authentication, you could follow these docs:

Otherwise, if you're looking for a way to keep secret variables and use those variables in your apps, I'm not sure this is possible :thinking:

Looking for more the second option. Is there a Google Secrets Manager integration with retool potentially?

I asked around and it doesn't seem like we support anything like this just yet. You can always save variables in your global javascript, but those would be accessible by anyone in your org familiar with the variable names. I put in a request for this though, so I'll keep this thread updated with any changes!

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Hi @Steven_Wang, we recently launched a feature that might be what you're looking for - Manage Configuration Variables | Retool Docs