Use of an ENV variable type object while using web hosted Retool

Is it possible to have credentials masked from queries while using the web version of retool? I know self hosted has an env variable but I am not sure if the web version has something like that as well. We currently have secret key as plain text and would ideally like to either mask it completely or have it being fetched from somewhere and not store it as part of a query

Hi @srivya :wave:

Happy to help :smiley: We do mask certain fields by key name, but there isn't (currently) a way to define ENV variables in Cloud.

What do you mean by field names? Can you give me an example?

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You know what, after doing some deeper digging into this topic I was able to find out that we actually don't think there is currently a way to mask these on cloud instances of Retool If on a self-hosted instance and these values were to be set on the resource setup page, then you may be able to disguise them with RETOOL_EXPOSED ENV vars.