Using Query Builder with an uploaded csv

Hi! I am new to retool and trying to build something simple using an uploaded csv. When I try to apply the Query Builder output to this, I cannot seem to get it to work.

In the query, I selected Query JSON using CSV
And I tried to do:
select * from {{}} {{queryBuild1.asSql}}

suspecting a type issue somewhere but not familiar enough with the tool to know how to solve it.

Hi! Welcome to the Retool community. In this instance, the issue is more with using the queryBuilder component in a 'Query JSON with SQL' query.

The queryBuilder component requires the resource to have "Disable converting queries to prepared statements" toggled on (which is not an option for this query type).

You can use the table's built-in filter or if you want to use the query builder component you will need to somehow filter these results another way.

You add a transformer to the Query JSON with SQL query but without the queryBuilder (select * from {{}}) and add a Transformer to that query that parses out those values. Here is an example"

let rules = {{queryBuilder1.value.rules}}
let filteredData;

for (let rule of rules) {
if (rule.operator == "like") {
filteredData = formatDataAsArray({{}}).filter(r => r[rule.field] == rule.value)

return filteredData

Thank you @grace - if I use the table's built in filter, how do I get a list of filtered values from that table? I tried this as well and noticed that I was still getting the full table of values when I try to use the filtered data elsewhere.

If you reference the table's displayedData that will reference the filtered data.