Can't call transformers in Retool Database Query

I'm trying to make a call to a table in my Retool database. The nuance is that I'm using a query builder to generate SQL that I can use to add some WHERE conditions.

This is quite strange - my transformer code is as follows:

return "WHERE TRUE";

Super simple....

And my query is as follows:

And I keep getting these cryptic errors:

Would love any insights!

Here's the specific example that's breaking:

And the console error:

Here's another possible clue:

Here's the text SQL query it generates:

  initial_utm_content, utm_content,
  initial_utm_source, utm_source, 
  initial_utm_term, utm_term,
  initial_utm_campaign, utm_campaign,
  initial_utm_medium, utm_medium,
  initial_referrer, referrer,
how_did_you_hear_about_archive LIKE 'Instagram';

Strangely, when I run the query without the transformer (literally pasting that directly in the retool query editor and running it), it works fine.

Try going to Resources --> Hover over retool database and click setting (on the right) --> enable "Disable converting queries to prepared statements".

I think then your first attempt should work. Otherwise you can also return an Array from a javascript have the column name at index 0 and value at index 1 and do something like where {{array[0]}} = {{array[1]}}

LOL goddam. I had accidentally unchecked "Disable converting queries to prepared statements"

thank you! Just realized this.