Using null in additionalScope is breaking Retool

When I use null in additionalScope and I run the query for the second time Retool stops working.
update.trigger({ additionalScope: { status: 1, id:null } });

Error message:

Retool version 2.70.21

Hey Nick! Yikes. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the update query?

In good/bad news, I tried to repro, but no crash!

My JS query:

My target query after being triggered by the JS query:

I am having the same issue. But it only occurs if I trigger a query imported from Query Library.

Hi @mozer!

I just tried this on my end (query2 triggers query1, a QL query with a null additionalScope passed in) and it's working. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the error you're getting?

Hey @victoria ,

This issue and details are reported here: Error Cannot destructure property 'namespace' of 'd' as it is null - #2 by Chris-Thompson

Oh, awesome! Thank you for sharing that. I was able to track down the bug report and it looks like it was actually fixed today (the notification went to Chris but Chris is currently OOO, so he hasn't had a chance to follow up). I'm not sure exactly when the fix will go live on either Cloud or On-Prem, but I will check in and let you know as soon as I hear back.

Just confirmed that this fix is live on Cloud! And it will be in the next on-prem release, but can't say exactly when that will be (generally in the next 2-4 weeks).