Using ltree extension in Postgres

Hi there,

I am looking to use the ltree extension to easily store a hierarchy in the DB. Can I activate the extension somehow on Retool Cloud?

If not, is it possible to use it if I connect to another Postgres DB and just use Retool to manage the data?


The latter is probably more easily done...Retool wouldn't manage the data but merely present it or manipulate it on the front end....if I am understanding your questions correctly.

So currently its not possible to add the ltree extension to the Retool Cloud Postgres?

As far as I know but perhaps better answered by someone at Retool

Hey @Sina! Are you referring to the Retool DB postgres db? If so, you should be able to add the extension by running a query against the database:

create extension ltree;

Works like a charm. That was easy.

(meanwhile connected to another Postgres DB which also worked...)

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