SSE (Server-Sent Events) + postgreSQL database in retool

Hello brains trust!

Does anyone know if it might be possible to setup a SSE (Server-Sent Events) link to a postgreSQL database within Retool?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @bg1900. Are you trying to use SSE to stream data from your postgres to Retool frontend? We do support streaming query data for Postgres query.

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Yes! Exactly that.

How do I set that up within retool?

@bg1900 Very well. What's your org id? I can look into enabling it for you to try it out.

Will send it to you privately :slight_smile:

@bg1900 I've enabled it for your org. The streaming support right now is limited: it can stream the rows from a query to a Table IIRC. If you run into any issue, please let me know and I can disable it.

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Wonderful thank you.

Are there any docs or further specific info on how to set this up within Retool now that it is enabled?

What does " Table IIRC" mean? (excuse my ignorance!)

@bg1900 By "Table IIRC" I mean "Table if I remember correctly". Now the response of your postgres queries should be streamed from the backend. However, I think only a few of our UI components support rendering the response progressively, and Table is the one that supports it for postgres queries