Using data from MultiSelect in SQL

I have read a number of the other topics on this, but can't seem to get this query to work when using {{multiselect.value}}. I have also used a transformer to put the info into a string. The query works when I type in the info directly. Any ideas? Is there something I need to account for when using this in SQL? SimTeams.value is the multi select.

This code works
Screenshot 2023-10-04 193442

I have tried joining the data from the multiselect value

This is the transformer code I have used.
Screenshot 2023-10-04 192946

Transformer in the code.

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The multi-select value should already be an array of what was selected....

But that being said in your query try using er.team_code = ANY({{multiselect value here}}) instead of IN

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That worked, Thank you! I knew there was something simple I was missing...

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