Using Barcodes?

I would love to use Retool for inventory management, only thing holding me back is barcodes. I use my camera for scanning barcodes currently, would be great if there was a button to simply open the camera app & scan. Any chance this is an option with Retool?

Hi Jon! One easy way to get this functionality to work is to use a custom keyboard that supports barcode scanning.

• Here’s a link to an Android keyboard that supports this:
• And for the iOS equivalent

Do you think that might work for you @jon ?

Let me try and I’ll get back to you, thanks for the response!

Alternatively, could one insert a custom React component to do this?

As far as building internal tools go, if retool had a feature to do this, it would open up a whole new world.

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I agree, need to have a built in web cam feature to capture images.