Use tabbed container with each tab calling a separate form query

Is it possible to create a tabbed container and, when I select a specific tab, a new query populates the form? In my case, each query will access the same table, but it will have unique "where" and sorting conditions in the query. Additionally, I'd like to have a button within each tab for a process that can be run after I review the results of the query for that tab. It may also have additional prompts in a tab where I can select additional filters for that view depending on what, if anything, is entered into the prompts.

hey @adrooney ,
within the tabs component on the tabbed container you should be able to use the event handles and use the "only run when" section to only run when the tabbed container has a view index of the desired tab

from there, you could use the "run script" to programatically populate the form based on your needs


Thank you very much!

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