Tabs: Queries Run on Page Load for All Tabs?

When you place Tabs in a Container the queries in the views for those containers run on page load. So if you have 10 tabs, you run tons of queries on page load, slowing the site down dramatically. I cannot for the life of me, figure out how to run queries for a tab ONLY after a tab is clicked. I have read every single post on this topic in the community, but none explain how to actually trigger the queries on a tab, only after a tab is clicked. I have set the queries for the tabs to only run manually, but then how are they triggered when you click on the tab? There doesn't seem to be anything the advanced tab which will trigger the query on a tab change.

You can use (if your component is let's say tabs1 in the container)
{{tabs1.selectedItem.value != '3'}} in the Disable Query field under advanced tab for that query
there is also selectedLabel and selectedIndex to use as well.
Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 5.50.46 PM

Right, but we have 10 tabs. If everything is != how do we run the queries when the tab is actually clicked? We need to put add a Disable to every query for the specific Tab we are clicking?

Yes, if each tab view requires a different set of data based on a different query.