Use Tab to confirm entry in select component and move to next

My app has a series of select components where the user selects the appropriate value from each list. They use TAB to move between select components and type to jump to the value. Currently, they have to press ENTER to confirm the value selection, then TAB to move to the next. Can it be configured so that TAB both confirms the value selection and moves to the next (similar to typing in and moving between cells in a spreadsheet).

I'm not sure but could you do something w/ custom shortcuts at the app level?


@matth thanks for pointing me in this direction! I honestly never even noticed this menu option before.

@victoria is there a way to use custom shortcuts to configure TAB to ENTER then TAB when pressed?

Hmm! I think that would require the app to store the "hovered over" option somewhere, e.g. select1.hoveredValue (not a real option) would point to "Option 1" in the screenshot. Then we could configure the shortcut to run a script like select1.setValue(select1.hoveredValue).

In short, I don't think this is possible because Retool doesn't store the non-selected value anywhere :frowning: