Use PDF Exporter to print content of table

I am trying to use the PDF_Exporter for a simple document. I have no problem getting data from specific components but can't seem to display the contents of a table or the data a query.
Im looking to display this on the PDF output as columns and rows. No special formatting needed just the data..

You should try option 2 defined here: Creating PDFs in Retool

Basically, you can use a table as usual and export the app visual as PDF

Thanks for the reply! I have utilized that post to get started.

The issue I run into with their "option 2" is that the PDF is just a replica of the container. If the table in the container has more lines than can be displayed in the container I don't think the 'screenshot' PDF will catch all the data.

I have also tried the 3rd option (Using an external API for PDF generation") and that works well, but I still don't know how to get all the table data there....

I could use something like is mentioned in this post: Not able to use PDF Exporter:
I have read every link on the google search "retool PDF". I have tried a few different things but I am just too new at this...

  1. Create a transformer that take your table3 source
  2. Convert the data to CSV: arrays - Converting JSON object to CSV format in JavaScript - Stack Overflow
  3. Use your transformer as source in the PDF Content instead of

For example, your transformer code may look like this

const source = {{ }} // You may replace this with the source used in table3 instead
function convertToCSV(arr) {
  return [Object.keys(arr[0])]
    .map(it => {
      return Object.values(it).toString()
return convertToCSV(source)

And your PDF Content may be changed to this

{{ transformer1.value }}
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There is also the built-in Papa Parse library if you strictly want CSV.

Depending on your source format

// OR

The previous post allows more control on the format that you want

Just want to add an alternate here as well! At the moment, I'm not seeing a way to generate table borders with the PDF exporter but the following script will take table data and turn it into a markdown table which can be more effective for displaying small datasets:

function convertToMarkdown(data) {
const headers = [Object.keys(data[0])];
const breaks = [headers[0].map(() => "---")];
const rows = => Object.values(r));
const tableEntries = headers.concat(breaks).concat(rows);
return => "|" + row.join("|") + "|").join("\n");

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Thanks @Kabirdas, clean code & output!

An updated version of yours with right alignment for numbers :nerd_face:

const isNumber = (value) => typeof value === 'number' && isFinite(value)
const convertToMarkdown = (data) => {
  const headers = [Object.keys(data[0])];
  const breaks = [headers[0].map((fieldName) => isNumber(data[0][fieldName]) ? "--:" : "---")];
  const rows = => Object.values(r));
  const tableEntries = headers.concat(breaks).concat(rows);
  return => "|" + row.join("|") + "|").join("\n");


Good Job!