Use multiple data files

I am pretty comfortable using ReTool with one table.
I have tried to find a Tutorial on using multiple data files.
Lets say I want to pick a customer and I want to put their first and last name in the header of the screen.
Then I want to let go of the customer table and open a products table where they can select different products.
When he is done with selecting the products, I want to join certain fields of the customer table with the selected products to create an order file.
Is there documentation or a tutorial which shows me how I would go about this?

So, what I think you're asking for is the following:

A customer will use your application and pick some products and place an order?

I don't think there is a tutorial for this specific example but there is plenty of documentation both in the forum and in the Docs for you to built something like what I think you are asking for.

Scott: Could you give me the title of the section in the documentation so I can look it up.

I have looked at the docs and the tutorials and have not found anything.


I imagine Query JSON with SQL is something that might be useful here if you haven't had a chance to play around with it already! Is there any particular part of the flow you're struggling to figure out?