Linking Inventory to Ordering


I've very new to the world of Retool, I'm building a section of an APP that allows me to host all of the products we sell on a table with a 'Cost Price' & 'RRP Price'

The tricky part arrives where I would like to build a section where we can Create and Edit 'Orders' using the products built in the inventory section, can anybody help with this?

Welcome to the forum!
You can use one form to do both based on whether it is populated with a selected row in the table...
Or you can also edit a single record or multiple records directly in the table as well.
What type of help do you need? Building it? (Strongly advice to read through the tutorials)

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Hey Scott,

Thanks for replying, sorry for my novice explanation.

I’d like on the ordering form for the following:
I enter a sku, and then the following data (cost price & rrp) are pulled from the inventory table automatically

OK so use a select statement to pull data when the form is from the database where sku is equal to what has been entered in the form... not sure what you're looking for the forum to do for you?
Have you gone through the tutorials?

Thanks Scott!
I’ll look into select statements and hopefully finish the project.

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