URL Parameters in PW protected Public App

Hey everyone!

We have a public app we're building for our Regional team. It doesn't contain highly sensitive information so we don't need to fully authenticate users. it's more like a simple data management tool - but we're using the password protection on the page just to make sure, ideally, that the world can't stumble across the app and submit trash data.

The trouble I'm running into is that we really want to make use of the URL parameters feature so that we can prefilter information for some of the regionals. They can interact with a filter directly in the app but I'd love to be able to set the default value to filter to their own employees.

Is this possible when we have a password protected public app?

I can pass in a URL param when there's no password protection. However, it seems like the URL parameter values in the shared link are lost if we enable the password prompt on the page.

Hi there @llewis !

I'll assist you with this!
Hm, could we get more detail on your workflow? I want to attempt to reproduce this on my end, but just wanted a bit more detail to try to provide an answer!