Custom password on Share app / Public link

I would like to be able to set a custom password when using the Share app / Public link feature.


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Hi @ranpolat! Filed :slight_smile: Would you mind sharing a bit more about your public app use case here?

When I say public app its an internal public app for our staff. We have approx 150 staff across our sites. I have a 'Visitor Request' form built that I only want specific office staff to be able to use without having to get Retool licenses for them. For a large volume of our staff this visitor request form will be the only Retool app they ever use in our company. It doesn't make sense to on-board them (at cost) onto the full platform for them to use a simple 10-second form once a week.

The custom password would allow me to have better control over who can access the form while also being user-friendly (the passwords generated by the public URL feature are not easily remembered). The alternative is throwing the public app in front of something like
Authelia or coding up something custom in PHP but since you fantastic folks in Retool have 99% of the work done already I'm hoping custom passwords can be something you could deliver.

Got it! Thank you for taking the time to share that :slight_smile: A few users have hacked together some auth solutions with public apps, but generally, we don't support it. We do have our new Embed product that might be helpful. Otherwise, I'll keep this thread updated with any progress around public apps + passwords!