Upload a generated XML file to S3


I am trying to generate an XML file based on table data and automatically upload that file to an S3 server. Currently, I use utils.download to generate the XML file and then manually upload it via the S3 uploader button.

However, I would like to combine both steps into one. Is there any way to bypass the utils.download and directly upload the generated file to S3?

Check out this post, it might help.

Exporting the XML file already works, so unfortunately the post you suggested does not really help in my case. I would rather like to bypass the export and instead generate an XML file in Retool without downloading it. Thanks anyway for your help!

Hi @julia-kom! I believe this should be doable :slightly_smiling_face:

Here's an example where I have a JS query that creates my xml from the table data:

Then, I have an s3 query that uploads the binary data:

When I go to download the file from S3, I get an xml file back