Running SQL Query and then download that data

Hi Retool Community,

I have an application that generally allows users to see data and then download data.

The current workflow is as follows:

  1. User builds their query
  2. User sees the truncated data (limit 1000) in a table
  3. User investigates to confirm its the data they need
  4. User downloads non-truncated data (limit removed)

The table seen below is the truncated data. The download data button has two event handlers, run_the_full_query.trigger() and export the data from However, because the event handlers are run in parallel, the behavior is buggy. Often times, the export is completed before is populated resulting in an empty file.

It is my understanding that I need to an javascript query to make an async call but am not proficient in javascript. Has anyone developed a solution similar to this / have any advice on JS syntax for this problem statement?

This question is related to this post: manage-execution-order-of-event-handlers

Thanks in advance!

Can you share your run_full_query?

You can add an export trigger on its success handler.


Hi @edurmush, thanks for getting back to me. Your solution does work.

I also was able to develop another solution using this retool community post where the download data button triggers the download_data_query (a JS query) which runs the full_query (a SQL query) and then exports the data on success