Updating BIT(1) Value in MySQL Database?

Hi, I have 2 action buttons to update an existing field to true or false. In mysql database, the type of the field was defined as BIT(1). Although I can update that field in mysql workbench with (true, 1 or b'1') for approval and (false, 0 or b'0') for rejection, I cannot update it in Retool in the same 3 ways. I use GUI mode for action buttons. Could you please help me if there is any way to update a BIT(1) field in Retool? I would appreciate your help and recent responses. Thanks.

Hey @ihsandag!

Doing some testing on my end it seems as though both {{ 0 }} and {{ false }} will correctly insert a false value into a BIT(1) column as long as they're passed using {{}}. If that doesn't work, would you mind posting a screenshot of how you have your query set up? It may be relevant to also look at the settings in your resource setup page if you'd be willing to post that (with sensitive information redacted).

Hey @Kabirdas,

Both solutions work perfectly. Thanks for the reply!