Boolean value false isn't rendering on Table

Hi Guys, I'm Building an Admin Panel Using Retool, Now my Requirement is I get a list of user profile that has an attribute like < is verified > or < isBlackList > that are boolean, and by Default, there value is set to the false problem is < isBlackList > i.e. false (by Default) is not rendering a cross sign on the table , I want that if a user isn't blocked then blackList column will be represented as < cross > and if admin block that user by updating the table the < cross> should be converted to < Tick >

Hey @Abdullah_Moiz!

Are you using the Boolean column type along with the "False values" setting for your column?

Hi, Is this possible in the new table, in [Retool Cloud 2.119.0] ?

Not at the moment @themba but it is one of the things the team is looking at adding, I can let you know here when it's included!