Updating Retool DB enum columns in Retool Database (Beta)

Hello all, I might be missing something obvious here but I'm trying to write a query to update an enum-type field in a retool database (beta) table.

The column is called change_status and the options are Success or Failure.

My query looks like

  change_status = "Success"
  id = 1

I know I can successfully modify other columns that have fields like number or text successfully, but whenever I try this encounter the error

message:"column "Success" does not exist"

Is this just a thing I am unable to do or am I making a trivial mistake somewhere?

Also, please let me know if this post requires more context.

Hi @tkshillinz

Hmm, you should be able to update this field. Could you try modifying "Success" to 'Success' (switch the double quotes to single quotes)

Oh my gosh, that was it! I feel so silly. Thank you very much!