Update ZAR currency symbol

It's a small thing for I'm sure a tiny user-base, but it would be great if the South African Rand symbol could be amended from ZAR to (the common shortened form of) R?

It will save us space in our UI's.

Baie Dankie.



As another South African, this would be really awesome.

I feel there should be a way for users to modify the currency symbol other than just giving a currency code and hoping there is a symbol for it.


Thank you both for this feedback! I've shared this internally & will follow up here if our team is able to ship a feature for more customization

Thanks, we'd appreciate that.
The ZAR is just one example (pertinent to us) - many currencies are affected.
I'm sure many international users would find this a useful tweak. The pattern/logic used for the implementation of the currency symbols seems to be a bit haphazard