Update table fields from a dropdown does not trigger the save function on a table

I'm using firestore for this for context. I have a dropdown where a table field is updated based and If I change what is selected in the dropdown I'm finding that the Save Changes button on the table is not triggered. Any thoughts?


is it mapped to the table correctly? Normally when you map to a table you have to reference table name, reference row, component property in that order. So for your example if your table was called table1 then you would normally have {{table1.selectedRow.data.realtorSelection}} - you know you have it right as it autocompletes as you type.

Does that help? Sorry if I have missed the point.

Not sure the best way to show you, but if I picked an item from the Selector dropdown the table data does update, but the save button does not show so I can never commit the data. Hopefully, that makes sense?

Hey. Sorry I had missed your point - I had thought (for some reason) you had mapped a field to your table. Can you post a screenshot of the query that saves your table?I suspect the column in question is not mentioned in the query.