Update multiple selected rows in a tablle using sql update? or any other way (rest api)?

HI Team,

as in the subject. I have been struggling to update multiple rows in a postgresql DB table, which is brought to retool by a select * statement and represented in a table. I'd like to update multiple rows in the target PostgreSQL DB by selecting them in a table that shows a parsed CSV. If not from a flat file, is it possible to update multiple rows in a postgresql DB table form another DB table or any other way to update multiple rows at all?


Yes you can update multiple rows in a table in a db you just have to update each of them one at a time.

thanks for the is no way of a bulk update? as I am getting the feeling the answer has bee evaded :smile:

You can update the table in the db but selecting the multiple rows in a Retool table is different. You might be able to set a temporary state value for each row selected and then take all of the values from the temporary states and run that data in an update query to the db. But since you don't know the number of rows being selected in the Retool component table, I am not sure if this approach is sound.... you may want to rethink your architectural approach.