How To Bulk Update One Value to Multiple Rows to Database?

Hey team, I'm hitting a wall with bulk updates. I need to apply a {{pickBOLStatus.value}} to multiple load_id s in one go, but Retool's throwing a "Data must be an array" error.

I tried two ways that didn't work

(1) One way is running this query of action type update a record when triggered. When I allow the cells to be multi selected, it won't work. But if I just do one cell, it works.

(2) 2nd way is via BUlk Update via a primary key but the error I got is Data must be an array

How have you guys tackled bulk actions in the past? Any insights or workarounds would be super helpful!

If you are editing multiple cells in multiple rows in a table component....
use changesetArray - Display and edit data with the Table component | Retool Docs