UPDATE clause timing out

Hi Community! Not sure if this is an excellent place to post this but it is driving me crazy. I am trying to update the phone1 column in my phone_status table from the status this phone has on last_phone_statuses.phone_status
The query times out every time, and my DB on amazon shows less than 3% CPU usage (it is something I should be looking at)
I think my query is correct but I am a total noob so any input is appreciated.
As you can see I've tried many times and now has a lock-up too :frowning:

Thank you!

Have you checked the network/console? Is the JOIN statement correct? I would update each table separately and make sure some of the basics are in place correctly and then go back to using a JOIN. Check the connection itself in the Resource set up.

It looks like this might be caused by InnoDB locking, I wonder if the debug steps here are of any help :thinking:

Back to the basics:

  • Added a constraint to both tables
  • Changed the datatype by limiting characters

It works! Thank you

This is a great document, thank you!