My sql query is timed out at 61-62 sec, while the max limit is 120 sec. what is the problem here

Query should timed out after 120 sec but why it is timing out ?

Is there anyone who can answer this?

Hi there @harshit.j!

Is this happening on a "Bulk Upsert by Primary Key" query?

No, this is happening on simple select queries.

Hey @harshit.j

I just took a look at the backend code associated with our MySQL connector, and it looks like there is actually a 60 second limit, as opposed to the 120 seconds that is mentioned in the Retool UI. I have filed a bug report and will update here once this is resolved. In the meantime, unfortunately the only way around this will be to reduce the size of your queries so that they are able to complete in under 60 seconds. Perhaps server-side pagination will be helpful here?

Out of curiosity, how much data is this query expected to return?

Quick update here!

You should be able to use the full 120 second timeout. If it's not working for you, you may need to double check your MySQL settings. Here's a callout from our MySQL docs: