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Today we shared that we’re releasing a new wave of Retool platform capabilities to provide greater flexibility and governance over how you organize your teams, secure your data, delegate permissions, and more.

We’re going even further on foundational platform features (SSO, RBAC, environments, Source Control, audit logs, and multiple hosting options), adding:

  • Spaces—Independent workspaces for teams to manage their own apps, permissions, resources, connections, and git repos—all while sharing core infrastructure with other teams.
  • Platform APIs—Programmatically manage the Retool platform with robust API endpoints to manage workspaces, provision users, assign permissions, organize apps, and more.
  • Extended permissions— Grant data-level access permissions for resources in each environment, ensuring that applications built in Retool are secure by default
  • Orchestrated governance—Create automated workflows and alerts that trigger whenever users are created, sign up, request access, and more.

Our goal is to make anything you build on Retool secure, reliable, consistent, and maintainable by default. To do this, we’re continuing to extend Retool’s products so that you can centralize governance while empowering your teams to build with minimal overhead, maintenance, and risk.

To learn more, visit the blog post or our new Retool for Enterprise page.

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Thanks for building on Retool!