[Announcement] Introducing Retool Source Control: Build apps with git-based branches

I’m excited to share that we’ve recently launched a major update for collaborating on building Retool apps called Retool Source Control.

With Source Control, you can:

  • Edit an application on git-based branches without overwriting your teammate's edits—even while end-users continue using the live in-production app
  • Review code changes with pull requests from the current branch to the main branch on source-controlled apps
  • Easily isolate and promote changes in different Retool instances (dev, staging, QA, and production)

Source Control is available in Enterprise plans. If you’d like to learn more about how and why to enable branch-based editing in Retool, check out our new blog post and our docs.

Join our Source Control live event on June 1st. You’ll learn how to use Source Control from the lead engineer and a customer who uses it in their workflow. Reserve your spot today (and feel free to invite anyone from your team)!