Unicode Dateformat

Hello there,
I am working with TimeAPI.io, trying to retrieve a time from an API call where I enter origin location and time, and then destination, and am supposed to get back as a response the time in the destination timezone.
This is the API documentation, for reference:
Time API

When trying to add the value of the time at the origin, I am using the component of DateTime.
I am supposed to be entering to the API call, a Unicode dateformat - which I am formatting in the component, for the date: yyyy-M-d
And for the time: h:mm:ss
All seem to be Unicode format, and this is supposed to get me a value which looks like this, as an example: 2021-03-14 17:45:00.

Yet, it's not working for me.
I am getting a bad request, of Invalid DateTime format.

Not sure what I am doing wrong - I am also using the {{value.formattedvalue}} to capture it in the right date format.

Any idea?

Hey @Dori_Fussmann!

Can you try using yyyy-MM-d instead of yyyy-M-d? That seems to work on my end!

"Invalid DateTime format"..

:upside_down_face: do you mind if I step in and take a quick look?

It might be worth looking at the API Request itself and comparing it to one that's successful.

Does the request work with hardcoded values?

Hi @Kabirdas
Replacing the dateTime with the hardcoded one, works. So I guess it means it's a formatting issue for sure?

Mmmm... you might try specifying two digits for the hours in the time and the days as well hh:mm:ss and yyyy-MM-dd instead of h:mm:ss and yyyy-MM-d respectively.

Works! Thank you so much @Kabirdas