Timezone format not working

I want to include a timezone in the date display of my table.
I tried several formats for this, each shows an error.

The help link points to documentation that shows available formats, for example:

All of which make the component show an error.

This does work, where as others simply fail.

MMM d, yyyy (XX)

Is there any support for timezone formats?

Hey @Michael_Hampton!

Can you try using the Date Time column type specifically and specifying the zone as part of the time format?

Yes, this does work for this issue, thank you.

There is another issue that prevents me from using this. I have been forced to use the 'auto' type and format the dates on my own, because the component only allows control over hour offsets, not actual timezones. This is an important distinction, because the hour offset changes in timezones that observe daylight savings time.

Ah, that's a good callout, thank you! It's possible to dynamically pass in a value for the offset, I wonder if you might be able to work around the issue with something like Moment Timezone: