Unable to select rows in table

We have a table that uses Google Sheets as a data source. Previously we were able to select rows, but now we cannot.

I checked the table settings. Row selection is enabled for single rows. I tried toggling the setting on/off to see if that fixes it, to no avail.

Can we get help?

Hey @clairefro!

Could you share an export of the app or otherwise would you mind if we stepped into your org to take a look at it? If neither is possible screenshots of the table setup might be helpful!

Curious to know if connecting the resource to a new table works, and when you first noticed it was broken :thinking:

Hi! I have a thread going with support so maybe you can see internally

it is the "Events" app in the Postman org. Here's a screenshot

(there are two tables because we tried duplicating the broken table. Row selection worked for a moment on the second table, until we entered preview mode, then we were no longer able to select single rows in either edit and preview mode.

Settings for both tables are as follows

We first noticed it last week. As a workaround we created a new app ("Events 2") and haven't encountered the issue yet.

Thanks for that context! I checked the thread and am glad to hear things are working again.

It looks like this is a self-hosted instance, is that correct? There was a row selection bug that was fixed in 2.93, it may be that you're running into something similar if you're on an earlier version.

If you run into the issue again we can't actually step into your app since it's self-hosted :sweat_smile: but if you provide us with an export of the app we can try to reproduce the problem on different versions to see if there's one where it has been fixed.

Thanks for the context! I'll check with our implementation team and see what version we are on. Noted on the inability to step in :slight_smile: