Problems with table data source initial loading

I have a table that uses a fixed query as a data source. Upon refreshing the component and going to preview (it's not released yet). It shows following message "The selected data source is empty or could not be converted to an array."


Strangely enough, if I open the query and run it manually

It just works, switching to the preview, it remains functional until I hard refresh

As the query is set to run only when manually triggered - hard refreshing will wipe the state and leaving the data source to be empty.

Resolution for this would probably be triggering the query automatically on change or making sure it gets triggered when you need it (on action, button etc).

So basically the answer for me is to run it on page load

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Hey @JIF ! Did that seem to fully resolve it?

Yes, when running the query on page load it fills up the table with the expected data.