Unable to connect to pgsql database from retool

Hello all - I am attempting to connect to a postgre database that is on the same server that I have retool loaded on, getting authentication error.

I have verified that the user/pass/database names work by logging in from the linux shell on the same server, as well as from another system. Additionally, my django app works fine for reading data using the same connection information.

Any ideas what might be causing this? My postgre config allows connections from all sources.

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uploading some screenshots will be good and even a video of the error.


So, when I pasted the error message here, I found the issue, which may be fixable.

Unable to connect. Error: password authentication failed for user "dbusername "

I did not see there was a trailing space in the username textbox. I removed the trailing space and the connection succeeded.

Perhaps a "trim" on the fields would prevent this from happening - I had copied and pasted the username from my app documents.