Turn off Table Field Ordering

I have developed some tables very thoughtfully with the field ordering just like I like it.

I have discovered that it is possible for the operator to click on a field header and change the order to make the table meaningless.

It would be good if we had a way of turning off this feature .



+1 for this


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Especially in the case where server side pagination is being used.

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This is a great feature request! I just filed.

In the meantime, I have a really bad workaround for you. Use at your own risk :warning::sweat_smile:

You can hide the column headers on your table to prevent users from being able to click on them:

Then you can add a Text component to serve as non-functional table headers!

I told you it wasn't great :grimacing: And I definitely understand not wanting users to click headers and remove the sorting you've specified, so hopefully, we'll support this natively soon!


On top of that, you have to use the new Grid to get the Header Off feature.

I still use the old Grid because it is so much better looking.

It is shown below with the Appearance Features shown.

When improving the Grid, it would be great if they could put the improvements into the old Grid.