Trouble with plot in modal pop up

Hello everyone,

I have some trouble when I use a chart component in modal.
When I click on the open modal button usually the graph display seems to bug

The bug usually stops when I click on the plot.

expected result :

Has anyone encountered this kind of issue before ?

Thanks in advance for you help.

Hey Stanley! Yikes, I haven't seen that before. If you display this chart outside of the modal, does it look correct?

Hi Victoria,

No if I duplicate the chart outside the modal it look normal :

And when I click on the open modal button, once again my char seems weird

(note: the 2 chart are the same duplicate components, so same data in booth graph)

Thanks for your answer,

How odd! Would you mind if I stepped into your app to take a look? If so, could you DM me (by clicking my name and then "Message") a link to your app?