Trigger the Submit event when a passed parameter fills in the input component

I am launching a Retool app from within another Retool app. I pass in a value to be used in the app and it does end up in the input component but, the event on the input is a "Submit" action. How do I get it to fire when the passed parameter is pushed into the value of the component?

It is the Doc ID of a Firebase table get, so I don't want to change the action to on Change and fire the Firestore Query everytime someone types in a character when the app is run without the parameter being passed in and the ID is typed in manually.

What about enabling "Run this query on page load" for that query?

If you need to do additional business logic on the input value, you could also wrap the firebase query w/ a js query.

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Well, I'll be darned. Totally missed that one. Thanks!

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