Trigger events via HTML element

I added an HTML element to my Retool app via the component manager.
This is just the one labelled HTML, not Custom Component.

In the hint text for the HTML section states:


Supports most HTML tags and presentational attributes, but only supports scripting in a limited capacity via event handlers. To attach an event handler to a specific element in the HTML, add a data-<event type>-target attribute (e.g. data-click-target="primary") to the target element.

For full scripting functionality, use the Custom or IFrame components.

I would like to trigger the 'click' event for an image, which has the 'go to app' method utils.openApp('xyz')


How can I achieve this with my element? What should the data- property look like?

Hello, I test in my app successfully.

Here is my full code

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en-US">

<body >
<img src="" data-click-target="primary">
<div class="myClass" data-click-target="primary">
  Hello World

Here is handler config

You also can configure handler for the change event.

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This works, thanks.

Was not clear by the tooltip.

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