Trigger an API for Autofill the dropdown

Hey There!
Is there any way to trigger an API, Not through UI actions or Script triggers.

Once the Line number 25 sets the value to Whitelist(Only Include) i need it to trigger a get api.
i can not make this triggering manually in the next line of code in the script itsef, coz i have many functionalities like this!

And i don't even have other Event handlers except change for this component.

Hello @Nagarimadugu_Bhanu_Prakash_Engineering!

You could have your JS block run code after line 25 where if the value is 'whitelist' it can either run a query.trigger().

The only other way to trigger a REST API to fire off a GET request would be a workflow.

You can read more about how your app could trigger a workflow here.

Hope this helps!