Multiple API GET Requests

Total N00B here, not much experience with JS - but do with .NET (some).

Anyway, I've added my resource, which is the main authentication information and URL to access the REST API of my data provider. Right now, I have individual queries for each "item" or data-table I'm looking for. So, for example:

Customers = https://APIurL/api/v1/customers?
Products = https://APIurL/api/v1/products?

I think there should be an easier solution here... where I could have a multi-selectbox and have the display values be the readable name, and the value be the url reference variable. But I have no idea how I'd manage to do that and have it auto-loop through each.


Hi @strdotmatt,

You should be able to dynamically set your API GET query using a transformer using some double-curlies {{ }}(e.g https://APIurL/api/v1/{{selectCompoment.value}}). If you're looking to run through multiple queries with multiple selections, then I suggest creating an Event handler to your Multi Select component to trigger the query with your designated selected value every time a new selection is created (on 'Change').

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face: