Timestamp Issues

So, I have this issue with time syntax, I believe.
The user is choose the current time using the time component. I am using a format of HH:MM. So, they choose 18:30, for example.
Now, the API I am trying to send a request to, want a full blown time stamp which looks like this:
{{"2021-03-14 17:45:00"}}
Which means I need to add the date (I don't mind using today's).
So, I tried this, in the value:
{{moment().format('YYYY-MM-DD')}} {{Origin_Time.value.format('hh:mm:ss')}}
While "Origin_Time_Value" is the component that takes the user's input of the current time.
I am getting a response of syntax is wrong, as if the fields I am entering are wrong in their format and I don't know how to write this..


Hey Dori!

Can you try with the timestamp format and see if it returns any errors?


Thanks @stefancvrkotic
So, I did that and I am seeing this:

But in the API docs, it is looking for this format (seems like it is only missing the space):

Happy to try it with a space - how do I add that?


Hey Dori!

You just need to build a date string (you can add +' '+ for a space in-between, keep in mind that time needs to be in HH:mm:ss format or formatted as such)