This is not a real password and is meant only for convenience

Can anyone tell me exactly what is actually meant by this?

I'm trying to share a public link, with a password... but,

  • I can not copy the password
  • I can not change the password myself (Without clicking regenerate)
  • And I'm at a loss exactly what the message "not a real password...." actually means. Because it is a working password......

Any help appreciated, Neil

Hey @maillme!

Since the password isn't changeable, unique to users, encrypted, etc. it doesn't have the normal protections that passwords do. It can be useful if, for instance, you have a fixed Public App URL but want to rotate groups of people you've "shared" it with, but it isn't built for offering the same level of security that a password usually would. Hence it not being a "real" password.

Your confusion here is totally understandable, and you're not alone in it. The dev team is exploring what it might mean to remove this option for Public Apps. They're also working on other methods of creating externally facing Retool apps!

If you expect to build something that can be shared publicly with little to no security then Public Apps are the way to go. Otherwise, if you'd be willing to share more about your use case with the PM of the new project you can send him a note at, it would also be great to hear more about it here!