There appears to be a bug in the Graph component [SEE GIF]


I'm trying to graph some basic data. However this seems impossible as the graph widget is not getting rid of the old Dataseries and keeps stacking everything. I even tried to run a function to delete the extra dataseries, but to no avail. Anyone got tips for me?


Hey @JB98!

This certainly looks like a bug, thanks for surfacing it!

If you create the chart component, set the correct dataset, and then copy the component does the copy display correctly?

interesting... yes the duplicated graph does appear to remove the datasets.

I suppose this could be a workaround- but it would be nice to have this bug resolved!

Yes, definitely! Will report back here when it's fixed or if we need any additional information.

Hey folks! Just want to report back here that this behavior should be fixed :slightly_smiling_face: Please let us know if you still come across the issue!