The upgraded table doesn't have the checkbox column type


I upgraded the table component to the newest version but found that the checkbox column type is not available. Would like to double-check if the checkbox column type sits somewhere else. Also, how to downgrade the component if the newer version doesn't fit my use case and if using a deprecated component may cause any potential issues?

Thank you for the help!

Hi, @doris.l :wave:

You CAN downgrade certain components if you'd like but the team would highly recommend not doing so since you'll be relying on deprecated functionality. Having said that please see the following screenshot on how to do so:


In terms of the Checkbox col type, I think you'd be able to use the Boolean col type instead! Try it out and let me know if that works for you

Hi @Pawan,

Thank you for the reply and suggestion.
The use case of the checkbox column is to select one or multiple rows and click Save Changes to trigger a query that updates the selected rows' values in the database. The Boolean column type in the new table component is a static value and doesn't allow the user to "select" them. I am wondering in this case, are there other column types that you suggest I look into?

Thank you.

Thanks for clarifying there @doris.l :smile:

In that case, you may be able to utilize the multiple rows property for the table component. See my screenshot below:

Let me know if that works for you!

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It works. Thank you!

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