The row action isn't working in view mode where as it is working in edit mode

I've set up a row action with an event handler which shifts to another tab. This is working well in Edit mode. But, when i tried to access the app in 'view' mode. its not working.

HI @Jyothi,

Have you tried refreshing the page, that sometimes fixes these kind of issues.

If problem persists, would you mind sending a couple of screenshots/video of your setup, namely:

  • How is your row action set up? Is it a script or a control component set up?
  • By tab I'm assuming you mean a container tab within your main frame, but just double checking.


Hi @MiguelOrtiz -
I tried refreshing the page but no luck.

  • I tried setting up the row action in run script as well as the control component. But both didn't work for me.
  • Yes, it is a container tab.


Hi @Jyothi, could you share a screenshot of your settings?