Row Click Event Handlers not firing


I'm using retool cloud.

So I have a tab component with four tabs, each tab contains a table.

The table on the default tab has an event handler that scrolls a component at the bottom of the screen into view when a row is clicked. That works.

However for the tables on the other three tabs, the same event handler doesn't do anything. Not even confetti displays.

Am I doing something wrong?



Can you share some screenshots of the first table set up versus the other tables in other tabs?... the more details the more this forum can help!

Hi @ScottR

Here's a screencast of my problem:

As you can see, the row click event handler on the second table does not appear to be firing?

Appreciate any tips you can provide to help.

Thanks very much!


Can you please post the screenshot here for all to see so all can help?


Confetti does not display - nor does any other event handler execute on row click.

  1. Select a Primary key for that table
    Are there any other settings for the table like Section = none in the inspect panel?

Selection field was the problem - I hadn't set it to Single.